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Infants & Toddlers

Our infant program is for the ages 6 weeks to 15 months old and our toddler program is from 15 months to 2,9 years old. The curriculum for infants and toddlers involves everything that happens to the child throughout the day. Responsive caregiving is the key component to setting up a safe, secure environment and trusting relationship. Everything that a child experiences is a learning opportunity. Throughout the day, teachers will take advantage of these caregiving experiences that are so important in the early years of life and turn them into meaningful and positive experiences for a child’s healthy development. Along with the individual caregiving moments, teachers will also plan and organize their environments to provide experiences which enhance motor development -raching, grasping, crawling in and out, throwing, pulling; cognitive development- object permanence, cause and effect, language, listening and responding to sounds and voices and problem solving:,and social development-playing with others, positive peer interactions and expressing emotions.


Preschoolers are age 2.9 to 5/6 years of age. Our curriculum is based on the fundamental understanding that children learn best through play. The classroom environment is set up in centers for children to learn and explore (such as dramatic play, block area, discovery/science area, math/puzzles, library and manipulatives/table toys) Each center varies in how many children at a time can explore that area. The daily schedule allows a balance for small and large group activities and child/teacher initiated activities. The curriculum is waved throughout all of the learning centers in the classroom. This will give the children the opportunity to learn about a certain theme in various ways and just as the curriculum changes so does the environment. Our preschool curriculum also incorporates all the Massachusetts Preschool curriculum guidelines.

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